Yves Gogat Phil Bernard Arnaud Jay Elsa Tesson Teddy Baumberger

Yves Gogat
guitars / backing vocals

Damn’, bastards, they forgot me!

Came for tourism on this developing planet, I’m victim of a starting pot to over supplied in psychotropic substances.
Once found earthly body that make more ‘local color’, I’m wondering about find an occupation for the 100 or 150 next earth’s years needed to plan my rescue.

And there, BOOM! ‘School out’ by Alice Cooper. I knew what I will do!
Bring civilization and light to this bunch of primitive barbarians, using this weapon of mass communication: music!

Phil Bernard
lead vocals

Born in deep forests of Jura mountains, feed with grain and cow milk, he do its musical scales among animals. Crazed with love with filly intended to the slaughter-house, ready to boot up to butcheries, but overpowered by the number, he has to go into exile in south of France.

Residing in city, he worked to refine his animal vocal technique in music school! Lost in minor scales, naturals and others alterations, he heard and recognized, one night, wolf screaming (see the song “la piste des larmes”…), searching for wolves pack, a band in fact!

Once done, he’s now vociferating, yelling band’s harangue (and not herring… of course) of subversive rock’n’metal created few years ago by aforesaid wolf.
We stop this express bio précising that his animal culture restraining him to totally apprehend the subversion of songs, we note here that he straightens cowardly of any responsibility on the author (this one playing guitar)… booooooo!!!!

Shure microphone and tambourine… under torture.

Arnaud Jay
bass / backing vocals

Born in his lovely Provence, stormy day of September of 74, Arnaud bent in his younger age to the requirements of his musical quest. He started, as autodidact, to learn guitar that became rapidly distorted and very rhythmic. Later, he has played bass. These two demoniac instruments don’t leave him once he started to store in a barn metal gigs, first as disciple and spectator, then quickly as a singer; and after, bassist in different bands. Until this providence day, when Yves meet up Miss Cordite that note the end of his quest, and the start of wonderful adventure, under the label of work, trust and continuity in apprenticeship.

Played instruments:
Very annoying classes in music conservatory when he was child, that were finally very useful few years later.
I’m playing guitar, bass and I sing considering voice as hallowed instrument.

CORT 5 string bass, two BARTOLINNI microphones.
HARTKE amplifier and to speakers (thanks again to Yves for your precious help).
Boss effect pedals: CEB 3, metal zone and wha wha + compressor.

Carburant Fuel for my honey cages:
Slayer, Metallica, Fear Factory, Korn, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Pink Floyd, Megadeth, Motor head, Anthrax, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Godsmack, Morbid Angel, Helloween, Zz top, Suicidal Tendencies, Slipknot.

Others centers of interest:
Author, compositor, interpreter and tattoo drawer sometimes.
Motorcycle, all stuff riding faaaaaaaaast and flying high.

I like (this content can evolve):
Present instant, sincere and true persons, simplicity and good agreement into the band and the truth that they demonstrated to me at the beginning.
Heavy, velvety and precise sound of bass and sometimes, sometimes wha wha effect or chorus.

I don’t like (this content can evolve):
Idiots, liars, and who’s taking themselves seriously ;-)

Elsa Tesson
keyboard, samples

Teddy Baumberger
Drums & percussions / backing vocals

Autodidact, well a deaf teached me rudiments of drums when I was eleven. I tried to play my favorites songs… started from Deep Purple to Dream Theater including Metallica… Shit! That’s good class!

Then, I think my personal life experiences greatly influenced me. Studies bring me up to PhD in ecology… no, no I’m not a specialist of garbage and pollution, and for neophytes, I recommend this link:

Anyway, I would say that, if it doesn’t make you smart, long studies fashion you and especially allow realizing the extent of human stupidity, and in my case, in scientist world.

Eye-opening when was a young man, persons I met will guide me, wisely and with sagacity, and push me to engage myself.

One day, my father called me on phone, telling me that a band was searching for a drummer. I wasn’t in any band at this moment, hence I said to me, why not, nothing to lose, I’ll try.

And wow! During the audition, I thought there were totally crazy! I agreed instantaneously, really good feeling, it was in December 2009.

Seven month later, we recorded our first eponym album of Miss Cordite.

I can’t wait for the next!

Dream Theater, Deep Pruple, Symphony X, Steve Vai, Mr. Big, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Iron Madien, Faith No More, Iced Earth, Pink Floyd, Yes, Marillion, Ayreon, Fear Factory, Queen, Angra, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Helloween, Kerberos, Megadeth, Meshuggah, Annihilator... and others that I can suspect...


TAMA SuperStar Hyperdrive 7 toms, TAMA Iron Cobra Power Glide double pedal, Sabian cymbals, TAMA 5A oak sticks.

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