There are good ones...
April, 4th 2014

Allright, lets write a tiny mood note. A sweet one in fact.
Usually, we feel surrouded by idiots, notorious incompetents, troublmakers, selfish persons, and so on.

But our last scene experience proove that, there are, on its holly fuckin' planete, goods persons. Professionals, wlecoming and warmly persons, people that want to move forward... and towards good.

This kind of people, you will find some at the Café - Concert l'Impasse, at la Seyne-sur-mer (south-east France). Yes, Jean-Louis, Bech and all the team
pampered us on this wednesday, april the 9th. Leading of life of luxury,  toute son équipe nous ont dorlotés en ce mercredi 9 avril.  All of this into good ambiance. Let me tell you that is a rarity in our region!

In short, we are greatful to them, they do wonderful work, you must support them going to the evenings that they organise!

Thanks too to Fred (aka Fred ShootàDonf) from the association CiBiWaï. Excellent gigs photographer (but not only), he magnifies the instants and give to pictures power and depth. Magic!

You can see the great pictures of our gig clicking here.

Ah! From these people borns hope in huminty. There ought to be more of these people!

See you soon!

Front to the big mess...
don’t be hopeless!
Feb., 28th 2014

Well! Too long time has passed since Miss Cordite didn’t kick up its row. It must be said that we’ve had plenty of work to do, and sometime you have to focus on yourself and take care of your whiskers.
This mood note is only a prelude to the ones.

The bassist is busy by the com’ and the preparation of the future of Miss Cordite (surprise!), the Yves in creative delirium, the singer mesmerized by the new lyrics (lot of words to learn, huh!), the drummer filling this new website et miss Elsa taking charge of temporize this mess.
Anyway! Miss Cordite is introspecting now, and it is difficult to tell on all injustices and monumental idiocies that pending.

New thing, these mood notes will be more “positive”. Miss Cordite will kick up its row being constructive because Miss Cordite not complain only. Miss Cordite proposes solutions from smart persons that cogitate TO THE COMMON GOOD and not for their little crappy ass holes!

Then, prepare your brain, Miss Cordite is cooking up for you a beefy mood not, because here and now, it’s beyond understanding!

See you soon!


It got better and better
Aug., 19th 2010

We do not hazard to laugh too loudly, wonderful vision of France and French beyond the boundaries:
- Span speak of racial policy.
- For the “TIME” magazine, Sarkozy brings back to life GESTAPO memories.
- A recent report of United Nations comity, the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination pointing us with its finger…

Even into UMP (Presidential Majority Union), you should keep you quite with Sarkozy, otherwise… (see the link)
(see the link)

Obviously, this information is carefully avoided by our National Medias in 95% under Sarkozy influence.
Two advantages for the French government:
- A beautiful smokescreen for annoying business that occurs (Bettencourt, Woertz, …)
- The recuperation of French fascists in the UMP for 2012 presidential elections.


Feel like vomiting

We are living in an actual fabulous world!
Our elites are caught red handed until burning and screaming to slander and to crime of lèse-majesté, pretending to ignore the reality of the affair in spite of documents of which they never talk about, too busy to destabilize and to discredit possible witness just as anybody who contradict them, to enounce false declarations disclaimed the next day.

After the pillage of the country to make profits to their school friends or caste friends (selling rentable enterprises to their chums), rewarded banks to fuck us with our own money, given richest a dispensation of common effort by reimbursing taxes as acknowledgment for their aide to taking power.

They sign “futururicide” reforms for our offspring (retreat, destruction of social advantages, and limitation of liberty expression…) all of these in panic, whereas 70% of French population (actually more) doesn’t want them anymore.

What a fuck!

Are we fundamentally jerk, blind, or just cowards?
Present system confessed its limits long time ago. When our country will be transformed in leasing serf reserve dedicated to the comfort of some thieves, do we will have enough energy to react? What we will tell them for forgive us?
Did we were blind? Too busy tuning our fucking car or killing a boss in a fucking videogame?

Damned… I feel like vomiting.

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